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If you often wear tight shoes that cramp your toes, the risk for developing painful bunions increases. At Eazy Foot & Ankle, experienced podiatrist Albert Elhiani, DPM, offers complete care for bunions both in-office and in an outpatient surgical setting. Dr. Elhaini specializes in minimally invasive bunion surgery to correct misalignments in the big toe joint. He also provides custom 3D printed orthotics and other resources to cushion your toes and prevent additional complications. Call the office in the Pico Robertson area of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, to schedule a consultation for bunions or book an appointment online today.

Bunions Q&A

What are bunions?


A bunion is a bony protrusion that develops on the base of the joint of your big toe. The condition occurs when pressure on the big toe forces it sideways toward the smaller toes.


The bending of your big toe ultimately shifts its bones out of alignment, and the bump on the side of your foot usually becomes painful and red.


Pressure on the big toe can result from wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight or too narrow.  A congenital foot deformity or a foot injury can also put you at risk for developing bunions.


When should I seek treatment for bunions?


You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at Eazy Foot & Ankle if you have symptoms of a bunion that interfere with your mobility or make wearing shoes painful. Bunion symptoms can include:

  • Bulging big toe bump
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Calluses and corns
  • Limited function in the big toe

Dr. Elhiani physically examines your foot and requests an X-ray of your toes to assess the severity of the bunion. He customizes a treatment plan to relieve your pain and correct the alignment of your big toe joint.


How are bunions treated?


Initially, your treatment plan for bunions may focus on improving your comfort. Dr. Elhaini can recommend padding and orthotic shoe inserts to cushion your big toe. You may also find pain relief with over-the-counter medications and applying ice to your toe.


Ultimately, you can expect to need surgery to correct the joint misalignment and prevent a worsening of your condition. Eazy Foot & Ankle offers minimally invasive bunion surgery known as a bunionectomy.


During this outpatient procedure, Dr. Elhaini makes pinpoint, hardly visible incisions to access and straighten the bones in your big toe. Surgery eliminates the bony bump on the side of your foot, so you can wear shoes comfortably.


Following a bunionectomy, you wear a splint or a boot for a few weeks to protect your toe while it heals. You should also regularly elevate your foot to minimize swelling. Many people heal within 6-8 weeks of bunion surgery.


Call Eazy Foot & Ankle to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for painful bunions or book an appointment online today.

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