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Your feet and ankles support the weight of your body and over time, this constant pressure can lead to pain and other complications. The custom 3D printed orthotics available at Eazy Foot & Ankle can relieve some of that pressure, so you can stay physically active and pain-free. Albert Elhiani, DPM, uses advanced 3D technologies to create custom orthotics that match the shape and size of your foot to ensure you have the support you need. Call the office in the Pico Robertson area of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, to schedule a custom orthotics consultation or book an appointment online today.

Custom 3D Orthotics in Los Angeles

Orthotics Q&A

What are orthotics?


Orthotics are durable medical devices that provide extra cushioning for your feet and heels. The devices also support the alignment of your foot, ankle, and toes to prevent skin irritation, muscle strains, and pain.


Many orthotics sold in stores easily fit into your shoe to increase your comfort. Eazy Foot & Ankle offers custom orthotics that Dr. Elhiani designs to match the specific contours of your feet for optimal support.


Custom orthotics are typically made from foam or gel materials that mold to your feet and redistribute weight across your foot more evenly. Sturdier orthotics may also be useful if you need extra support and stability.  


Why would I need custom orthotics?


You may benefit from wearing custom orthotics if you have discomfort or pain in your feet, ankles, toes, or legs after standing or walking.


Dr. Elhiani may also recommend custom orthotics if you have persistent pain from conditions like:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Bunions
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Shin splints
  • Flat feet
  • High arches

The devices help reduce fatigue in your lower extremities by keeping your feet, ankles, and hips in alignment. While using custom orthotics, you might also notice an improvement in your overall balance and mobility.


In some cases, the continued use of orthotics can lower your risk for overuse injuries and stress on the joints that can lead to arthritis and other chronic complications.


What happens during my consultation for custom orthotics?


To create your custom orthotics, Eazy Foot & Ankle features advanced, cloud-based software and 3D printing technology onsite.


Dr. Elhiani uses the 3D technology to create a scan of your foot to fine-tune and customize the orthotics you need in just five minutes. He can also adjust the details of the scan to enhance the form, fit, and function of them. 


The resulting device is thin, light, and low-profile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. 3D printing technology is also flexible enough to create orthotics that suit different levels of activity.


Dr. Elhiani provides guidance to help you use your custom orthotics correctly to maximize your results. He continues to monitor your foot or ankle condition during follow-up visits to make sure the orthotics are working well.


Call Eazy Foot & Ankle to find out more about the benefits of custom orthotics or book an appointment online today.

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